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2nd January, 2017 - Bologna, Italy: the famous statue of Neptune called "the Giant" has been censored by Facebook!

His monumental nudity is a symbol of the city since 1567 but after 450 years it violates the policies of the most popular social network.

Fatally, the Giant is also obscured in its real place by a huge box.

A restoration is in progress, delayed to an unknown date for some "complications" (the removal of that ridicolous blue underwear tag?!).

So you have to wait to satisfy your understandable curiosity to see the reason for such a scandal: the Giant's P*nis.

Too impatient? Worried by this new obscurantism?

Play the game and score as much as you can against censorship!

The Giant Neptune Today

Just 1 year before The Little Mermaid (the wife of the Giant Neptune?) 103-year-old and symbol of the Danish capital Copenaghen was banned by Facebook for tanning on a rock with her Little Tits “too much bare”.